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free minecraft
For those of you who don't know, Minecraft is an online game that was released in 2009. Since then, 12 Million+ users have registered on the site, but only 3.2 million have bought the actual game (Or redeemed their Minecraft Giftcode). That means that about 9 million people are missing out on all the of the fun! This guide will show you how you can experience the greatness of Minecraft for free!

For the few people who haven't played it yet, Minecraft is usually described as a Lego video game. You start out a guy on a deserted island. You can gather cubes of dirt and wood and stone and use them to build, well, whatever you want. Houses. Castles. Roller coasters. There's no plot. It's a creativity tool and an incredibly addictive one. The game system is very simple, allowing for hilarious gameplay , outlanish creations, and manifestations of mental illness.
If you love Indie games, try this one. Anyway back to the main reason why you are here. You want Minecraft but you dont want to pay for it, right? Well im going to tell you how you can achieve this in these three simple steps. So read on.

free minecraft


Step 1

free minecraft
P2S work in partnership with Amazon which is an extremely credible online store and that carries pretty much everything, including your Minecraft Giftcode for your free account. Upon signup you will recieve $2.50. I suggest buying a cheap prize with your sign up bonus, as this will take you to bronze status. 

Step 2


Play some games - P2S has a variety of fun and addictive games.
Do some surveys - Big companies pay YOU for filling out these simple surveys.
Refer your freinds and family - You will get $1.00 for each referral you bring to the the site plus extra bonuses.

Step 3

free minecraft

Well done! - You have made it, its time to recieve your reward a Minecraft Gift Card!
Soon you will be digging yourself way deep underground and having the time of your life. Give yourself a big pat on the back!. And best of all you havn't spent a dime.

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